Post Crisis Superman Feats

His punches can destroy planets with no efforts

He escape a black hole

He destroy the moon heading towards earth with the infinite mass punch

He destroyed Cyborg Superman with ease when he used the infinite mass punch more than once in seconds

He hold a black hole that was stated to destroy the whole entire solar system

He with stand a megaddon power that can destroy a galaxy

He catches thor's hammer mid swing

He punches and moves a solar system

He punches wonder woman so hard she flew from the sun back to earth

He travel to vega back to earth in 15 minutes but vega is 25.3 light years from earth

He fights in different parts of the world in seconds

His high speed combat able to hit multiple times at the same time

He speed up his senses and make time slow down to talk to flash

He fights Darkseid to the sun in seconds

He phases through Doomsday punches

He become invisible by vibrating his molecules

He's a able to trace signals that are moving at light speed

He defeated the justice league with ease by speed blitzing them

He's able to tagged a speedster

He tanks weakened Doomsday punches

He tanks a blast that can destroy adamantium

He tanks New Gensis and APOKILIS PLANET CRASHING TOGETHER AND EXPLOSED which these two planets are much bigger than earth

He tanks Darkseids omega beans

He survived the source wall explosion

He survived a supernova explosion that is 50 times the size of keplar's supernova

He can destroy a universe if he's sundip

New 52 Superman Feats

He was able to push war world easily

He survived going into a Multiversal black hole

He flew in endless space for two months straight without stopping

He weight bench the earth for six days without stopping

He punched brainic so hard that Brainic felt it in five different universes

He overpowers multiple kryptonians almost as nearly as strong as him

He ripped Doomsday apart with his bare hands

His punches can topple entire mountains and shockwaves from his punches felt from the earth's core to the farthest

edges of the atmosphere.

His punches stop the conflict between Justice League of America and Justice League

He punches lobo into orbit

He punched mongul so hard that mongul flew 200 miles away and Superman was still holding back

He one shot gorilla grodd while gorilla grodd was trying to mind control him

He flew Doomsday to venus in the matter of moments while he's taking Doomsday punches

Now tell me who's stronger between the two....