hey! so today i'll be sharing some hacker info and how to keep safe from them, if you comment some more facts that would be really appriciated much. so let me tell you what

'1 hacker we are focusing on today... anonymous . now im pretty sure we all know of anon,because he does not only hack msp, he hacks websites, news, banks, and that stuff. you're probably getting confused why i'm saying'he' the reason is because in real life he is a boy. but his msp avatar is a girl. ok lets talk about anon! if you don't know what he looks like i'll give a breif description: purple starter bun, sometimes purple'hat, no shirt, black jeans, no shoes and odinary skin tone and eyes and lips.  the place i usualy find anon is in the cafe chat or skate park. but you don't know the fake ones or the real ones so don't report unless you are a victim or you have a friend who got hacked or something. anyway when you are logging in sometimes and you see those people doing animations, anonymous does that!!! be careful if you ever see him on the logging screen. and 1 thing DON'T DARE TO TYPE IN YOUR USERNAME OR PASSWORD CUZ HE CAN SEE THROUGH THE STARS! yup... thats true... and another thing is that the usual status is like i'm back and ready to hack (devil face) or something like that, just to say that you know a real one if their name is deleted user, or has no name ;o and sometimes if you ever see these random chat rooms like 0929873658726 Bling Cafe (Full) don't go in CUZ HE MADE IT UP AND THATS WHERE HE FINDS NEW PEOPLE TO HACK!! and sometimes when him and grim reaper are making plans to hack ishacool or something they gather all the hackers and just to make sure they are real he will make them write something on someones wall like 'ruler' or 'evil' so yeah thats just about it on anon but if you have any info on him please comment


hope it helped: ADD ME: ILUVTASH

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