Growing up i had the most fun time, always got food on time, got good education, was thought good manners.My life is pretty much perfect excatly the way God wanted it to be that is how it is. The only thing i dont have under my total controle is:

The way this mind thinks, most of my time i spent thinking i will never be good enough, never know the right things to say, people will get mad at me for using the wrong words, saying it at the wrong time... wel to be honest im not blaming the world not for understanding me or trying just a little. I can understand that this world is full of people wanting their own dessires also to be heared and felth the same way i would like.

So no, my blog for today is not based on hate or negative mindness ( ps im dutch sorry in advance for my wrongfull use of the english language (o_0) ).

Anyway back to where i stopt, so like i said my thinking mostly lets me space out, to put it in simple words. I always wonderd why people would hate me, bully me and just stare at how strange i was and Am(still). I also wonder why we cant like try to understand the way people speak, why do they talk that way? why do they look hurt,happy,sad and so on... there are so many emotions in this world that its hard to keep track of everything, so when it comes to the point to speak when spoken to, its mostly difficult to find the words to use to get the conversation going as the person would like it to go, like i said everyone has a dessire, mix your dessire with theirs and you end up making them either walk away or get very angry. So my question to myself is :"Why should i always be the 2nd wheel?" when i give my opinion people get angry eventhough im not trying to be negative, i try the best to keep it positive and in a way where we both win. you dont get mad and i dont have to feel bad giving my opinon.

So the statement always is there im bad for talking, or giving my opinon. When you see that weird person in a corner, dont say they are weird just place it under the title misunderstood, cause thats what i am. I can see emotions but i dont have to always keep at it just to talk on behalf of the feelings or dessires of others or do i?

i Never know.

Just random thouughts for today.

Id come back on this point some other day when i have more knowledge about it...

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