Who am I?

I am me, and you, and everybody else is this world.

       Everyone has their quirks, and I am just a following example of a person you may think is normal, but trust me they may not be. Even your best friend is weirder as you think they are. This is just most likely what is happening inside your head. This is my conscious and subconscious speaking to you guys. My everyday thoughts are what ends up in here. Of course, I am going to keep this PG on here. Don't worry. I am a normal everyday person, but I will give you my age. Plus it is probably obvious due to the fact 2001 is in my name, and I have given you my birth date. I feel like telling you my name would take away from the blogs I will post, mainly because I know others have these thoughts too. So for now, I am a person. Just the everyday person you see walking down the street. Now you may recognize my online name because of a book that was written by Zoey Sugg. You know, she's a famous British Youtuber. I thought I would have the name literally similar, because in the story the girl is trying to make the world a better place without everyone knowing her name. I felt like I wouldn't be able to make the world a better place with the name I have become. So, this is the next best thing I could do. You don't need to know my name, my height, weight, skin color, eye color, hair color, nor do you need to know anything about me. So for now, to you, I am a person. I am a normal everyday person. You see me as you walk down the street. You see me sitting next to you in class or work. Because I am every one of you, you can't judge me.


<3 Girl Online, Gone Offline

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