The Holy Roman Empire was in Europe, it was established it was established as the preeminent political authority.  

Foreign Challenges 

We had struck fear among the French and this had caused concern among Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. Many French kings suspected that I wanted to extend my authority throughout Europe. They had created many obstacles for me. Turkish forces conquered Hungary in 1526. Numerous domestic and foreign problems prevented me from establishing my empire as the supreme political authority in Europe. I had to bestow my in Spain Italy and the low-countries.

Spanish Inquisition 

In 1478 Fernando and Isabel founded the Spanish Inquisition. Their task was to ferret out those who practiced Judaism or Islam. Throughout the 15th century and 16th century they served as political and religious purposes. They had power to investigate suspected cases of heresy. Inquisitors could be ruthless. They sentenced hundreds of victims to hang from the gallows or burn at the stake, some were imprisoned. 

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