Social Media is something that has become extremely popular in not only America’s youth, but among people across the world. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, allow people to easily be connected with friends, family, peers, etc. However, a growing debate is in the midst, as people are demanding more privacy to be regulated on those sites. With millions of people being connected daily on social media, it is important to understand the limits of the privacy on said sites.

Social Media sites allow communication and expression to be freely used amongst your followers or friends. Even health care has begun using the social media route, risking the exposure of patient medical records through their systems. Social networking began as an idea and has exploded to every day use in the work place, health care, and daily lives of the world. Many jobs and colleges have begun determining the quality of candidate based upon their content. With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, it is easier for an employer to get a wrong impression solely based upon social media.

Privacy is the biggest debate in social media and whether or not it should be regulated. Private information posted on a social networking site or any social media can easily become public information. It has been suggested that users are concerned with their privacy on said sites, however are ignorant as to whether they are protected or not. With a multitude of settings and fine prints, it is easy to be mistaken in regards to privacy.

Social Media sites need to make privacy a bigger concern to protect their users. If they do not start protecting their users, users are eventually going to be more afraid than relaxed when using the Internet. Some schools have even begun contacting parents if they notice a student is displaying too much personal information on a social networking site.  Social networking sites need to clearly and better outline their privacy policies and allow their users to determine what information is disclosed.

In order for social networking to continue to obtain high amounts of users, more needs to be done for privacy. Restrictions on what users cannot only post about, but the details in which they can share needs to be limited. If possible, age restrictions should be better handled on social networking beginning with parents preventing and educating their children on safely using the Internet. When first setting up the social media network, users should have the ability to have the policies outlined clearly for them. Every user should be able to the have opportunity to continue to edit what information they are willing to have “public” verses “private.

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