VW sparked global outrage when they admitted over 11 million of its diesel cars were fitted in with the ‘defeat device’ software that could activate pollution controls during strict tests and they can be turned off when the car is on the road. Effectively they tampering with diesel cars to make them seem much greener, in reality there were opposite.

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Not only were VW failing to meet EPA requirements, but they were also misleading customers on the cars being sold causing an uproar throughout the world with a huge backlash from the international community.

A number of diesel car modals have been affected with the emissions scandal, with Audi, Skoda, and Seat to name a few huge VW brands affected with the emissions compensation scandal. The issue is with a ‘defeat device’ fitted onto motors, which cheated the emissions tests producing far less pollution level under strict testing conditions. It was revealed the pollutants released were harmful NOx emissions, where are harmful to human health.

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