aka iljano

  • I live in suriname
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is ERP Junior consultant
  • I am Male

iljano born 23 -02- 1991 that being my name and date of birth, sorry im just bad at introducing myself and im dutch so my english is also very off, but to put it all out there...

I like simple things , walk away from trouble and when angered shut out the world until im calm to collect what pieces of sanity i can find within me. Id like to think im more like a guy sitting on the ground and gazing at the world.

sometime wondering why me emotions just shut off, and im left with little things to think about. But hey, everyone copes with there own problems in their way so yeah, Happy thoughts right?...

One thing that surely make me happy when im down, is my guitar. Cant say i didnt pick it up when i wasn't mad or just confused. Down side is, cant play it that well yet, but none the less its a happy moment.


more over, just the simple guy to start a conversation but ending up being the listener of all stories given...

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