Hi Girls,
We hope you find this blog page so that we can chat.
Hey Girls,

How are you both? Jo and i are both well just trying to stay on top of all the assignments we have due in soon. I thought I would blog and just clarify a few questions that we aren't quite sure about. First is about your school culture can you give us a little description about the school culture there? Also in relation to assessment I know you said they use rubrics have you got an example of one of these that we could see? Is there some assessment process during primary school? is there a particular name for it. Like in Australia we follow The Australian Curriculum, Ausvels which has progression points for each year level and naplan tests. I hope this helps you. Now on to the funny side i've been trying to get a photo of a kangaroo that's been playing in the traffic but haven't seemed to have seen one yet... its funny what you don't see when your looking out for something!!! Hope to hear from you soon. Belinda