• W.I.P*


KaioKen: Base x N (N=Level of kaioken, min of 1.5)

Great Ape: Base x 10

Golden Great Ape: Great Ape x SS Multiplier

Super Saiyan: Base x 50

Super Saiyan Grade 2: SSx1.5 (Or 75x Base)

Super Saiyan Grade 3: SSx2 (Or 100x Base*Note that this increase is only to raw power, Speed does not benefit it)

Mastered Super Saiyan: Base x 80

Super Saiyan 2: SSx2 (Or 100x Base)

Super Saiyan 3: SS2x4 (Or 400x Base)

Super Saiyan 4: SS3x10 (Or 4,000x Base)

Super Saiyan God: Base x 600,000

Base Form God Ki Infused(Saiyan Beyond God): Base x 1000

Mastered Super Saiyan God(Ability to go God at will): SBG x 50

Super Saiyan Blue: SSGx50

Super Saiyan Blue Evolution(Vegeta’s Transformation): SSBx2

Ultra Instinct:

Master ultra instinct

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