My True Love Said To Me…………………

1. We want you home with family alive – don’t drink and drive.

2. Become involved with discretion – lest you fall into a depression.

3. Remember the spirit of the season as you are so inclined - don’t forget the message and the reason.

4. When you are frantically running about – don’t forget to take time out.

5. Drink in moderation – avoid intoxication.

6. When buying something with plastic – remember money is not elastic.

7. There is a tendency to overeat and indulge – what remains is only the bulge.

8. Giving gifts can be lots of fun – wouldn’t it be nice if we each only received one.

9. Avoid excessive decorating, entertaining, and wrapping – rather it is a time for frequent napping.

10. Remember those near and far away this day – dwelling positively on those loves ones who have passed away.

11. Tis the season to be jolly – don’t forget to decorate your hearts with healthy holly.

12. The traditions are rich, meaningful, and dear – make sure you embrace this season with good cheer.

13. This is the season to worry and fret – spend some time with your pet.

May you and your loved ones celebrate the beauty of fall, the miracle of winter, and the hope and promise of the Holiday Season and the New Year, 2011.

Roger J. Vanden Busch -- December 1, 2011

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