Goku: 2 Vegeta: 2

Goku has defeated vegeta in their first fight because vegeta did had a advantage over him until goku use kaioken on vegeta and vegeta got angry and try to destroy the earth with the garlic gun but goku use the kamehameha with the kaioken times 3 and send vegeta out in space which is a win for goku in that one but vegeta did came back to earth still damage but vegeta turned into a great ape and destroyed goku easily but I'll say that one was a tie but krillin was about to kill vegeta but goku stopped him but reason why I said goku won the 1st fight because goku defeat him with a kamehameha wave but vegeta did returned to earth and destroyed him in the great ape form. But Goku did used the kaioken times 3 to send vegeta into space which means goku won but vegeta won when he came back after that kamehameha kaioken times 3. The second fight vegeta had babidi helped him to defeat goku because goku and vegeta was evenly matched but vegeta tricked him and knocked goku out cold which is a win for vegeta. But when goku fought copy vegeta which is a copy of vegeta with the same personality and power but goku and copy vegeta which again has the same personality and powers but they were evenly matched until monaka steps on something and which gave goku the chance to kill copy vegeta but vegeta did admit that's the other him.