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4 December 2020, 02:03 (UTC)
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This wiki is dedicated to blogging, the web-based publication of periodic articles. The blogging world has had a multitude of tools to run blogs, and the communities around them connect blogging with the Open Source movement.

It has also the promise of promoting not just personal intercommunication, but a different social model. Blogging is changing the way news "happens" and is covered.

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Did you know?

You can use this site in two ways for blogging:

  • The RSS2Wiki feature is live on Wikia. It means you can easily add your blog feed to your user page using <rss>your feed.rss</rss>.
  • If you don't have an external blog, you can simply use your user space for direct wiki blogging.

Blogging Wikians

There are several Wikians who are blogging. We try to collect all of them :-) Please feel free to add new blogs to the List of blogging Wikians.

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Help us to draft a Blogger's Code of Conduct.


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