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Tim O'Reilly called for bloggers to work together to create a Blogger's Code of Conduct. This wiki is used for the development of this code of conduct.

After a week's discussion, we have decided to split this code into modules. Bloggers may choose the specific modules they want to apply to their new blog.

Feel free to edit or add to these any of these nodes or visit the discussion page to discuss your thoughts. You can also join the mailing list to discuss this draft.

Please do not simply remove points you disagree with, but discuss them on the talk page.

New modules can be created using the box below. <createbox> width=40 </createbox>

All pages relating to this code can be found in this category.

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We present this Blogger Code of Conduct to promote personal expression and constructive conversation. We believe open conversation need not lack civility.

Modules[edit source]

Create your own code by selecting the modules you want:

  1. Responsibility for our own words
  2. Nothing we wouldn't say in person
  3. Connect privately first
  4. Take action against attacks
  5. a) No anonymous comments OR b) No pseudonymous comments
  6. Ignore the trolls
  7. Encourage enforcement of terms of service
  8. Keep our sources private
  9. Discretion to delete comments
  10. Do no harm
  11. Think twice - post once

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