HI! I'm going too be blogging under the name PonyNuts123. So I love horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, cows, dogs, cats and animals in general. I have 2 horses and 1 pony but soon too be too. I'll list my animals

  1. Astrid: KelpieX puppy 4 months
  2. Prides Legacy A.K.A. Legacy: Black, Anglo-arabian 16-16.1hh He's super hot-heade. Rescued him as a foal. I'm the only one who can ride him but Has an abscess at the moment so cant ride him :(
  3. Summer Storm A.K.A. Storm. Hanoverian X Thoroughbred 2 years and 2 months. Breaking him in and retraining him myself. Hes Crazy, scared and 15.2hh
  4. Monte; Miniature Pony, Golden dun, Cheeky, naughty loves kids.
  5. and soon to be Miller; almost completely white, little grey

I've jumped Legacy 1.6m which is really high and a bit bigger than me and Storm 40cm. On his 2nd time jumping. I think Storm has great potential! He jumped a 1.4 m fence, by himself without a rider! He's pretty amazing!

So Thats all today! But I'll be blogging everyday. About my life,and my horses! I have an account on Storybird called RubyJ878 and Instagram @Ruby_Girl_03 ! Please like, comment and suscribe! Thanks!!!!!